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Steep Slope Roofing Systems Learn More

GP DensDeck Roof Board

DensDeck roof boards are designed to address four persistent challenges inherent in commercial roofing assemblies: fire resistance, moisture resistance, strength and dimensional stability. Learn More

Skyscape Vegetative Roof System

SkyScape Vegetative Roof Systems are a complete line of vegetative roof products with four great options for an easy-to-install, sustainable roofing system. Learn More


SafePro is a national manufacturer of roof top safety and security products designed by roofing experts with over 30 years of experience.

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Kemper System Waterproofing

Kemper System is committed to global leadership and excellence in roofing, waterproofing and surfacing technology. Learn More


Roof restoration may be an option to tearing off or replacing a worn roof, saving you time and money.Learn More


Sievert produces a range of professional-grade tools for heating, soldering, brazing and any precise or general heating task required. Learn More

APOC Roof Restoration

apoc-logo.pngRoof restoration is an option for building owners, facility engineers or property managers. Since the 1960s, APOC has perfected a number of roof restoration systems while providing many advantages including extended roof life, substantial project savings, tax and maintenance advantages, reduced energy costs and a partner to provide technical support and service.

In addition, their systems can be installed without fire or burn hazards, noxious odors or disruption to everyday building operations. Their restoration systems include built-up and modified, metal, gravel, and single-ply membrane restoration.

Please contact us for more information on APOC systems and approved contractors that install these systems.

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