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Rooftop Anchor

Fall Protection Systems


rooftop-anchor-stacked.pngRooftop Anchor was established by a team of solution-minded professionals well versed in fall protection and rooftop work environments. Having spent years depending using fall protection equipment themselves, the founders were confident that they could deliver industry-leading solutions to enhance worker access while improving safety. Rooftop Anchor is a recognized leader in OSHA-compliant fall protection technology and guarantees the highest standards in its products.

Stanchion Anchors

axis.gifLike silent sentries that are on duty 24 hours a day, our anchor products are ready to satisfy a multitude of your fall protection requirements. Made of the highest quality U.S. certified carbon steel, anchors are manufactured by certified welders and are designed and tested to withstand a minimum 5,000 lb load. Roof anchors can be used for securing lifelines and the tieback of suspension equipment or direct rigging of a bosun’s chair for window cleaners. Our expansive anchor product line meet or exceed OSHA and ANSI safety standards and are compatible with new construction as well as retro-fit projects.

Lifeline Systems

linear-horizontal.pngLifeline systems from Rooftop Anchor are strong, durable, versatile, cost effective rooftop access solutions that allow workers at height to move over large areas while keeping their hands free.

Linear Rail System

linear-horizontal.pngDesigned to accommodate building layout and the worker access requirements, Linear Rail Systems can provide a solution to safely reach difficult access points such as atriums and roof overhangs, or simply constrain workers to a specific path. Rail Systems can be designed to fit virtually any building and offer multi-user attachments for maintenance tasks requiring single or multiple personnel.

Sector Safety Guardrail System

sector_horizontal.pngThe Sector Safety Guardrail Systems are a passive safety system, offering fall protection without the need for training or additional personal protective equipment. OSHA requires guardrails to be 42”. Guard rails are installed along open-sided walking surfaces, roofs, terraces, balconies, stairways, ramps, and landings that expose workers to a fall of 4’ or greater.

Davit System

axis.gifA Davit system is installed around the perimeter of the rooftop and is designed to suspend self-powered platforms, cages, or even bosun chairs. Rooftop Anchor’s design team will work with a project’s engineer to ensure the building is capable of withstanding the large loads generated by davits.

Whether new construction or retrofit, davit systems are being used more and more on buildings of all heights to address protruding features on building facades such as shade louvers, eyebrows, sun shades, awnings, glass curtain walls and non-load bearing parapets. Davit systems allow suspension points to be located away from a building so that wire cables and safety lines do not load or damage architectural features.

Rigging Sleeve

axis.gifRigging Sleeves are designed to allow proper rigging access when building features obstruct the areas needing to be safely reached. A variety of configurations are all designed to support both self-powered platforms and bosun chair use.

Overhead Fall Protection

linear-horizontal.pngThere are numerous rigid rail Systems available to meet site and use requirements, from plain track, dual track with bypass, bridge, to fold-away systems. All systems allow for maximum mobility and combine the use of advanced fall arrest systems for enhanced safety.

Outrigger Beams

axis.gifOutrigger beams, like Davit Systems, provide a practical and efficient means for suspending self-powered platforms, cages and bosun’s chairs. Outrigger beams are pinned directly to a roof anchor and are an ideal solution in situations where a building’s roof structure cannot withstand the significant loads generated by davit assemblies.

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